We're not interested in likes or exposure, our only focus is bringing you business.

Why is does Samurai 9 Design offer a better bang for your marketing buck?  Unlike print media, fliers, or signage, our success is quantifiable. We are not selling exposure.  We are in the business of finding your ideal customer and connecting them with your business so that you can make more money.  Happy customer, happy business owner and happy Facebook ads team!

This is a basic outline of what we want to do for your company.  Obviously, our process will change from business to business but the fundamentals are the same.    If your current marketing strategy is missing any of these steps there's a HUGE chance you're leaving money on the table!

The Samurai 9 Design Local Marketing Funnel

Samurai 9 Design - Marketing Funnel

Facebook, Instagram and other social networks get paid when customers click an ad. Because of that they are great at keeping stats.

There are 3 stats that really help you assess the effectiveness of your campaign.​

Cost Per Click

The price you pay every time a potential customer clicks your ad.

Click Through Rate

When we show your ad to 100 targeted people how many of them click? If you’re below a 1% click through rate you’re probably wasting your time. 2-3% is about average. 4% + and you’re doing great!


We can get you all of the warm leads and new customers in the world but if your company doesn’t make any money then really, what’s the point?

We're not interested in likes or exposure, our only focus is bringing you business.

Still not convinced?

I’m going to show you a few quick tips that you can use to get better results from your own Facebook campaigns … TODAY! Literally, by the time you finish this page you'll be better at making Facebook and Instagram ads that convert.  

After your new ads start performing better, book an appointment to speak with Samurai 9 Design and learn about how our team of professional Facebook marketers can help your business find new customers.


This is really important. In a facebook ad your image can not have more than 20% text. That includes your logo! In a recent change, Facebook now allows you to run ads with more than 20% text coverage, meaning they’ll accept your money...but...they are going to restrict the your ad’s exposure. To help you save your money and do it right the first time I’ve attached a tool right here that will help check if your ad is set up correctly.


YOU NEED Facebook For Business. Facebook has one of, if not the largest compilation of customer data ever. Most people have been slowly liking, clicking, sharing their information for years. And Facebook was paying attention! From a marketing perspective this is an absolute game changer. Inside of Facebook’s Ads Manager you can select who gets to see your ad depending on any combination of factors: What pages they like, where they live, which postal code they live in, their age, sex, how much money they make, whether or not they have kids, if they like your competitors page…...and the list goes on and on and on. But to be able to use these feature you need to install facebook for business. You can find it here!


Finally, There is a lot of competition on Facebook. A lot! Not only are you competing with rival ads, you competing with friends pictures, family videos, Donald Trump! YOU NEED TO MAKE A COMPELLING OFFER! 99% of the time simply telling people about your company isn't enough.  People are absolutely bombarded with information these days.  We barely even notice ads anymore. You are competing with all of the other distractions on social media. You need content that makes people stop scrolling and click on your ad.

We heard a lot of push back regarding Facebook ads. Business owners saying they’ve tried Facebook ads with little or no success. I hate to break it to you but the truth is; it’s not that Facebook doesn’t work...You probably just don’t know how to use it.

Lucky for you WE do!

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